Khadi Exhibition - Day 2 (26-10-2023)

Khadi Exhibition - Day 2 (26-10-2023)

On the 26th of October 2023, the second day of the Khadi Exhibition was a resounding success. The exhibition featured a diverse range of stalls showcasing an array of exceptional products. Visitors had the opportunity to explore and shop from a variety of stalls, including:

Khadi Clothes : The timeless charm of Khadi clothing, with its elegance and sustainability, was on display.

- Leather Bags : Exquisite leather bags that combined style and utility for fashion-conscious shoppers.

- Lijjat Masale & Papad : A showcase of the flavors of India with traditional masalas and delectable papads.

- Healthy Chips & Spices from Kerala : Delightful snacks and spices from Kerala that tantalized the taste buds.

- Balm : Soothing balms for various ailments, providing relief and comfort.

- Organic Honey : Pure and natural honey, a delicious and healthy addition to your pantry.

Natural-Based Soap : Handcrafted soaps made from natural ingredients for a refreshing and nourishing bathing experience.

This diverse array of stalls contributed to the richness of the exhibition, offering a delightful shopping experience for all attendees. The Khadi Exhibition continues to be a hub of artistry, culture, and sustainability, and it invites everyone to explore the world of Khadi and local craftsmanship.

  • Date:

    Oct 26, 2023

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  • Location:

    Seva Mandal Education Society's Smt. Sunanda Pravin Gambhirchand College of Nursing