Our vision, at Paws 4s, is to build a symbiotic ecosystem where animals are embraced with compassion, respect, and care. With animal welfare at the forefront, we are strongly committed to nurture a global community that works harmoniously to enhance the quality of life for every living being.


At Paws 4s - Stray Safety, Survival & Support, our heartfelt mission is an unwavering commitment to animal welfare and conservation. Our journey involves directing awareness initiatives that run hand-in-hand with our dedicated rescue, feeding and rehabilitation drives. We are passionately working towards building a global community to provide the best medical guidance and support and also take the lead in adoption campaigns. We want to ensure that every stray animal not only finds a home but experiences a sense of belonging and protection.

Campaign Success Stories

Free Anti-Rabies Vaccination drive for stray dogs

In the advent of 2024, HWARF NGO embarked on a significant mission the "PAW4s ANTI RABIES VACCINE DRIVE 2024," immunizing over 500 free-range animals in Mira Bhayandar & Dahisar. Introduction: PAW4s, driven by the principles of PASHU, PALAN & POSHAN, stands for Stray Safety, Survival & Support an initiative by HWARF India. Under the team spirit of Ms. Christine Swaminathan, Founder & Trustee, HWARF NGO. The commitment toward the welfare of stray animals HWARF extended support through PAW4s for a root cause ignored by the fact’s humanity demanded the most urgent needs of Anti-Rabies vaccination drive in Mira-Bhayander Locality for rabies prevention and control and shield humans from the zoonotic diseases. HWARF arranged 350 Vaccines and scheduled the vaccination drive On Sunday 07th January 2024 with the joint support from Miss. Neha Singh and her team/ feeders. The drive was Commenced sharply at 10 am, a route was marched from Navgraha Society, Poonam Complex, Mira Bhayandar to various lanes and society. The vaccine shot was Led by a Professional Vet along with PAW4S team, volunteers and feeders. The vaccination drive began smoothly and swiftly with the team spirit and playful approach with dogs and cats, the experience was stress-free for the animal as well as for us. We happened to see the love, compassion and care between the feeder and animal.  The first step of the anti-rabies vaccine drive was carried throughout the day until midnight night for 350+ dogs and 250+ cats securing immunity from Rabies from the date of 07/01/2024 to 06/01/2025. This success was a collective effort, a synergy of doctors, volunteers, and feeders. Why HWARF & PAW4S initiate this Anti-Rabies Drive? Anti Rabies is a must in every area! Rabies is a deadly viral disease that is almost always fatal once symptoms appear. Vaccination serves as a preventive measure to protect animals and humans from contracting and spreading the virus.  - Public Health Protection Rabies is a zoonotic disease, meaning it can be transmitted from animals to humans. Implementing anti-rabies measures, especially vaccination, significantly reduces the risk of human exposure and transmission, safeguarding public health. - Precaution is always Better than cure Regular anti-rabies efforts contribute to sustained disease control by preventing outbreaks and reducing the overall prevalence of the virus in animal populations.  - Animal Welfare Rabies causes severe suffering in infected animals, including domestic pets and stray animals. Vaccination helps prevent unnecessary animal suffering and contributes to their overall welfare.  - Legal Compliance In many regions, there are regulations and guidelines mandating the vaccination of pets against rabies. Complying with these legal requirements ensures responsible pet ownership and contributes to community well-being. - Economic Impact Rabies outbreaks can have significant economic consequences, including the cost of post-exposure prophylaxis for humans, veterinary care, and the potential loss of animal resources. Anti-rabies measures are more cost-effective than dealing with the aftermath of an outbreak.  In conclusion, the PAW4s ANTI RABIES VACCINE DRIVE 2024 not only marked a successful initiative but also emphasized the ongoing necessity of anti-rabies efforts for the well-being of animals, humans, and communities at large. We are Thankful to all those associated with this Project

Let's make a PAW4s paw-sitive impact together!

Join us in making a difference! Our daily Stray Dog Feed Campaign is in full swing in the Mira Road-Dahisar area of Mumbai. Every day, we strive to provide nourishment and care to the beloved stray dogs in our community. Thank You We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported and continues to support this initiative. Together, we can make a positive change in the lives of these wonderful creatures. Let's make a PAW4s paw-sitive impact together!