Masina Hospital (Healthcare courses)

Masina Hospital (Healthcare courses)

Cheif Minister Maha-Arogya Kaushalya Vikas Prashikshan Karyakram (CMMAKVPK)

1. Home Health Aide & Geriatric Care Aide
Date: 26th August 2021 (60 candidates)


We congratulate the 60 candidates who successfully completed the Home Health Aide and Geriatric Care Aide training program. This course provided them with the skills necessary to provide exceptional care in personal assistance, health monitoring, and support for individuals in their homes. They are now ready to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.


  • Date:

    Aug 01, 2021

  • Category:

    Skill Programs

  • Location:

    Sant Savata Mali Marg, near Byculla, Mustafa Bazar, Byculla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400027