Aayush Hospital (Healthcare Course)

Aayush Hospital (Healthcare Course)

Cheif Minister Maha-Arogya Kaushalya Vikas Prashikshan Karyakram (CMMAKVPK)

1. Home Health Aide
Date: 8th July 2021 (30 candidates)

We are proud to announce that 30 candidates successfully completed the Home Health Aide training program. This course provided them with the knowledge of basic healthcare procedures, personal care assistance, and effective communication with patients and their families. Congratulations to all the participants on their accomplishment!

2. Emergency Medical Technician
Date: 8th July 2021 (30 candidates)

We congratulate the 30 candidates who completed the Emergency Medical Technician training program. This course equipped them with life-saving techniques, emergency response protocols, and effective teamwork in high-pressure situations. They are now ready to serve as skilled EMTs and make a positive impact in critical situations.


  • Date:

    Jun 01, 2021

  • Category:

    Skill Programs

  • Location:

    AAYUSH HOSPITAL- Dharavi Vivekananda Cooperative Housing Society Limited, 90 Feet Rd, Muslim Nagar, RP Nagar, Dharavi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400017