Dialysis Technician Course

Dialysis Technician Course

Dialysis Technician courses conducted at SMES's Smt. Sunanda Pravin Gambhirchand college of Nursing, Matunga, Mumbai. 

Dialysis Technician course was conducted to benefit science stream candidates  passed Xllth to become skilled dialysis technician capable of handling haemodialysis patients. 

The candidates were trained to prepare patient both physically and psychologically for the dialysis procedure by recording patient details, explaining the procedure and functioning of the machine.   

The candidates were trained to handle dialysis safety checks for the machine settings, particularly the pressures, conductivity, and temperature. The 3 month courses help candidates  to be vigilant regarding the patient’s reactions and monitor venous and arterial pressures, fluid removal and replacement as achieved during the dialysis procedure.Post training the assessment is conducted by government assessor. The successful candidate are eligible to job placement in healthcare sector. 



  • Date:

    Dec 19, 2022

  • Category:

    Skill Programs

  • Location:

    Seva Mandal Education Society's Smt. Sunanda Pravin Gambhirchand College of Nursing