The evaluation of campaigns aimed at improving road safety is still the exception rather than the rule. We make effective campaigns and campaign techniques to allow to continue to be utilized without question, while new methods of behavior modification are often ignored. Therefore, the necessity and advantages of formally evaluating road safety campaign efforts are discussed and divided to educational institution and campaign in large for roadshows and schools and college seminars. Our team describes the pros and cons of some of the more common campaign strategies and introduces a number of new methods that show a great deal of promise for the purpose of road safety campaigns. In order to infuse the field of road safety campaigning with such new insights into road user behavior and behavioral modification, we look beyond the confines of road safety campaign standards and learn from the knowledge gained in other disciplines such as economics and social psychology. These new insights are discussed in terms of their implications for the future of road safety campaigns and adopted gradually.

Road Safety Drive

11th Jan 2015

January is a Safety Month and in attention to draw awareness Mumbai Traffic Police and Humanitarian welfare and research foundation NGO initiated a Road Safety Drive to our motorist.

Special tag for make way of Ambulance was distributed to our motorist for displaying inside the vehicle.

11th January 2015

The drive was organized at Surendra nagar main signal,near Mcdonald,Borivali West.

Various safety tips were given to the motorist by following traffic rules and regulations,in account of safety to wear helmets,fasten seat belt, not to drive while drunk and in great attempt to make way for ambulance. “Give way to Save Lives” The drive was conducted in Borivali with the help of traffic BORIVALI division where personally senior Inspector of Police Shri. ‘S. TALEGANKAR,Trustee Rakes kumar ,Christine of Humanitarian Welfare and Research Foundation were present with their members and traffic police mens