Nitesh Jadhav

A Successful recovery of a 6 years old Patient Nitesh Balaji Jadhav at LILAVATI Hospital, he was under the care of Dr.Rajeev Redker pediatric and surgeon, Patient Nitesh Jadhav  was admitted at PICU suffering from TB  Brain Sepsis and Convulsion ,  he underwent several procedure in the past, including insertion of tube from brain to abdomen for fluid drainage (VP stunt insertion) after complication associated with above procedure ,he underwent another procedure where an external  drain was put to drain fluid from his brain, still the doctor didn’t find any improvement in his health ,they continued for further surgery and hospital stay for approximately  3 month ,he underwent repeated surgery for reducing pressure, his hospital bill shot to Rs. 10,30,000/- and above  ,his father Mr. Balaji’s  profession is a mason ,he hails from Karnataka Border and from  a poor background ,unable to clear medical bill ,he was running from pillar to post for monetary support but was refused ,he approach our NGO  with the reference  from  consultant Dr.Rajeev Redker  Pediatrician Lilavati  for his sons medical  support. 

Our NGO coordinated with many organizations but was refused for reason best known to them; finally our Trustee personally visited the charity commissioner chief of hospital to waive Patient Nitesh B.Jadhav hospital bill as Mr.Balaji’s financial background is poor and unable to pay the huge medical expenses.  

With the request of application and Prayer for waiving hospital bill, the Honourable Chief of Hospital granted our request and the entire medical bill sum of Rs.10,30,000/- was waived off ,

Patient Nitesh Balaji Jadhav is recovered and discharge from hospital, he will be under observation and on routine with Dr.Rajeev Redker .

We would like to Thank our team Adv.Prem Sharmaji in support of saving life of 6 years old Patient Nitesh Balaji Jadhav by guiding us rightly in making this medical grant possible.


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