Natasha Pradhan

It all began when “Natasha” had left all her hopes from life. She was facing the desolation and grief as her marriage had just turned out to be the worst decision of her life. She had married a man of her choice she had fallen for at the age of 19, and went to Orissa to stay with in-laws. Things were fine for a very short span of time after her marriage. 

Then started the trauma of being beaten by husband almost every night and being used only as a bed material. She thought may this is how life goes after one gets married, may be this happens with all women or may be things will improve with time. So she kept on bearing all this violence. After a period of year and more she delivered a baby girl, which acted as fuel to the existing torture since she had brought a shame to the family by delivering a baby girl.

As a part of ritual, girl visits her mother’s place along with the new born after the delivery. So ”Natasha’s” parents came and took her along with her two months baby girl after the consent of her in laws. Her in-laws did not allow Natasha’s husband to accompany her saying there is some critical work pending and he should join her in couple of days. The couple of days turned into days, months and then almost a year. Initially her husband used to respond to her phone calls and make promises that he will come soon, and later the phone calls went unattended.

Her parents never urged to send their daughter back with her baby, as they had already seen the torture and trauma she was going through with her husband. Natasha went into depression blaming her own self for trusting and marrying a man she never should have. She had cutoff herself from the outside world, entire day went into depressing thoughts and tears, thinking why has this happened and what to do with her life next? What to do for baby? How to bring her up? So many why’s and how’s and no solution was coming up.

This way passed the time and her daughter was 2 years old. Natasha had accepted the fate and started to work as a baby sitter to earn for her little one, for her upbringing and education. While Natasha had started working and moving on with life, she still had hopes that the man of her life, the person whom she had trusted with her all might, will come and take them along. This hope also shattered soon, when she got the news from a close relative of her in-laws, that her husband had moved on with his life, he has remarried and has a kid as well from his second marriage.

The stage had come where there was no look back; she had to only move on and had no choice left. While in her depression many of her close friends kept visiting her, motivating her and suggesting career options, and it was then when one friend suggested of trying her career towards fitness. Natasha from her childhood only had a very good physique. As a child she was attracted towards sports, athletics from the very beginning. Used to dress up like boys, play cricket, and roam freely like any free minded human being would do.  She wanted to do anything and everything that would treat her equivalent to a boy and earn her the respect and dignity. During her teenage she also got trained in Martial Arts with a special interest in kick boxing. She always opposed the preference and importance being given to boy than to a girl, and she always wanted to change it.

Having an advantage of good physique and trained in Martial Arts, her desire to follow her interests led her into the abrasive male dominated world of body building, knowing that it would not be a cake walk. The only willingness to push her hard was the fire to earn respect and live with dignity among all. She started her career in fitness world by working as Trainer at a Gym. The mention of ‘bodybuilding’ to most people out there brings a mental picture of a man with a perfectly chiseled physique. The road ahead was not smooth, being a women, the male dominating fitness world does not eye upon this career with much respect.


Women in bodybuilding have to work extra hard to get fit and compete in bodybuilding contests, a process that helps to build their character, enhance endurance, and also develop their self-esteem. Natasha kept moving and working hard day and night, polishing her skills and Physique. Hard works, dedication, perseverance always pay off, Natasha started getting admirations from all her clients and soon she was recognized outside. 

Her daughter was growing and so was the need for money, for her education. Making a very tough living and saving penny for her daughter was getting more difficult. Natasha decided to move ahead harder and take part in Body Building competitions. She prepared for the Maharashtra state Selection Competition representing Mumbai and also won the competition bringing more respect and dignity for her. As one dreams to grow, the paths for opportunities also multiply. This was when Natasha got the chance to take part in Inter State Selection Competition representing Maharashtra. 

Today she is struggling to pursue her career in Body Building and is preparing again for the Inter State Selection competition. The level of complexity and competition has increased. There are many aspirants dreaming to be successful body builder. To prepare and focus on the competition Natasha had to leave her job.

Now to proceed, Natasha needs a rich diet, motivation & financial support as well. 

We request all to place a right step forward towards Natasha!!!

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