While death takes you away, your organs can stay and save someone’s life. A simple guide to the what, when and how of organ donation in India.

The need for organ donors has never been greater. More than half a million Indians are estimated to be in urgent need of an organ transplant.

Did you know In India every year nearly:

  • 500,000 people die because of non-availability of organs on time.
  • 200,000 people die of liver diseases.
  • 50,000 people die from heart diseases.
  • 150,000 people await a kidney transplant but only 5,000 get one at the right moment.
  • 10,00,000 lakh people suffer from corneal blindness and await transplant till one is available.

Yet, less than a thousand transplants from deceased donors are performed each year – an incredibly small and insignificant number compared to the statistics around the world. Some of these people will find a living donor who will donate an organ to them. The rest will probably die waiting for an organ.

Every year around 1, 50,000 new cases for Organ Transplant registered Conducted Research & Analysed



 Every 13 minutes another person is added to the waiting transplant list.

 Today there are approximately 11,30,000 cases are on the waiting list for Organ Transplant.

 There are 1 million affected with liver disease and only around 1000 people receive the Organ Transplant.

One Person have the ability to saving Eight Lives.

With the initiation of our Hon.Prime Minister emphasizing on the importance of Organ Donation, seconded and encouraged by the State and Central Health Ministers In the above view of spreading awareness on saving lives of many One Voice, One Object to Save Lives by Organ Donation.


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In the Presence of persons mentioned below hereby unequivocally authorize the removal of my Organ/Organs from my body after my death for therapeutic purpose

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