Donation : $78,354.00/ $126,500.00

Education is the fundamental right of every child, however in a country of abject poverty many school going children drop out of their education simply because their parents cannot afford something as simple as a school text books. Rural children have to undergo immense hardships in their quest for education.

At CFTI we took up to this challenge and distributed full-fledged school kits to students from underprivileged background. This way we wanted to ensure that none of these students drop out of their schools due to non-availability of such basis needs.

The Donate a school kit pledge includes the following:

• School’s subsidised fees
• Two set of uniforms
• Books and study material
• School Bag
• Compass Box
• Water Bottle
• Tiffin Box
• Rain Coat
• Sweater
• Shoes & socks
• PT Uniform

With this kit the child is ready to go to school.

The cost per student is Rs.5000/-. We have data base of such 10000 students with us who are I need of these kits. The donor can provide these kit for any number of students. If the donor wishes to meet the adopted students we can arrange the same at a convenient place



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Donation : / $300,000.00

Rural education in India is tough, it means treading long distances, making do with the basic infrastructure and studying under harsh conditions. All the comforts & conveniences which urban school children take for granted are simply unthinkable for rural children.

Despite the crushing poverty & the hardships they all have a strong desire for education. PNP Education has setup schools providing free education across Raigad district. Most of these school are the only places where children from impoverished families can take education with no other school in a radius of up to 5 kms.

Children have to walk for around 1 hours from their villages to reach their school and 1 hours back home. This strenuous activity takes a toll on the education of these students and there are a large number of dropout in monsoon.

While the school has arranged for school bus facilities, some of the parents need contribution towards the bus fees to make it possible for the them to extend the facility to their wards.

The cost per student is Rs.6000 and we request a donation of Rs.3 lacs towards the cost of 50 students travel expenses.


Help girls to get Education

Donation : $78,354.10/ $126,500.00

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