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Spreading computer literacy helps open a new world to children. It helps them explore the vast information that lies online & makes them up to date with the last technological happenings in the world.

Access to computers & internet connectivity is limited in rural India. Due to this children in the rural schools are unable to match steps with their urban counterparts.

CFTI aims to provide around 5 computers, a printer & high speed internet connection to such schools.

The cost of setting up this facility is around 150000 per school.



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Rural education in India is tough, it means treading long distances, making do with the basic infrastructure and studying under harsh conditions. All the comforts & conveniences which urban school children take for granted are simply unthinkable for rural children.

Despite the crushing poverty & the hardships they all have a strong desire for education. PNP Education has setup schools providing free education across Raigad district. Most of these school are the only places where children from impoverished families can take education with no other school in a radius of up to 5 kms.

Children have to walk for around 1 hours from their villages to reach their school and 1 hours back home. This strenuous activity takes a toll on the education of these students and there are a large number of dropout in monsoon.

While the school has arranged for school bus facilities, some of the parents need contribution towards the bus fees to make it possible for the them to extend the facility to their wards.

The cost per student is Rs.6000 and we request a donation of Rs.3 lacs towards the cost of 50 students travel expenses.



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The challenges of education in the rural areas are immense. For most children in the tribal communities, these problems only multiply during the months of monsoon. Being the first generation in their communities to get educated, education does not figure in the list of top priorities for their parents.

The unrelenting monsoon only adds to their problems. Their parents cannot afford to provide them rainwear or an umbrella the students drop out of schools during these two to three months. Since the students have to walk to their schools, they get completely drenched in the downpour which makes them opt-out of the school in these days.

You can help the tribal students by making a small donation & paying for their rainwear. Your small help will ensure that they do not skip their school during the monsoon months.

The cost per student for an Umbrella / Raincoat is Rs.500.

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