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“I realized if you can change a classroom, you can change a community, and if you change enough communities you can change the world”. Erin Gruwell.

The difference between the infrastructural facilities of an urban school & a rural school is glaring. While the urban education centres have access to the latest technological advancements, rural schools seldom have access to such facilities. The team at CFTI resolved to provide the same quality infrastructure to the students of the rural schools.

We propose to provide the following amenities to every classroom

• 20 good quality benches
• TV,DVD & educational multimedia CD’s
• Green Board
• One chair, one cupboard & one table

The cost per class room is Rs.1,50,000 and we request your support towards the same.



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Rural education in India is tough, it means treading long distances, making do with the basic infrastructure and studying under harsh conditions. All the comforts & conveniences which urban school children take for granted are simply unthinkable for rural children.

Despite the crushing poverty & the hardships they all have a strong desire for education. PNP Education has setup schools providing free education across Raigad district. Most of these school are the only places where children from impoverished families can take education with no other school in a radius of up to 5 kms.

Children have to walk for around 1 hours from their villages to reach their school and 1 hours back home. This strenuous activity takes a toll on the education of these students and there are a large number of dropout in monsoon.

While the school has arranged for school bus facilities, some of the parents need contribution towards the bus fees to make it possible for the them to extend the facility to their wards.

The cost per student is Rs.6000 and we request a donation of Rs.3 lacs towards the cost of 50 students travel expenses.



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Hwarf conducted a survey of the school in Raigad district & found that even today there are several school which cannot afford to purchase benches to its students. These schools provide free education to the children of interior villages & do not have the financial wherewithal to invest in infrastructure.

Classrooms are conducted with children sitting on open floors. Sitting on floor for long hours is extremely uncomfortable and adversely impacts the teaching process.

The least that every child wishes in his school is to have a comfortable bench to read & write upon.

Hwarf fulfilled their needs by providing benches to some of these school. Till date we have provided 125 benches are in the process of identifying more school which need them.

You can help by donating a small amount for procuring the benches. Each bench costs Rs.6000/- with a need of around 200 benches at present.