Mohd Hussain

Psychiatrist Treatment and Medical aid

Psychiatrist Treatment and Medical aid was provided to Mr. Mohd Hussain,30 years old is mentally challenge and is dependent on her mother. She is above 50 years and works as a maid servant in little houses. Hussain’s father is 60 years old. He works in a shoe shop as a helper. Both the parents are medically ill and don’t have any strong support to take care of their son. Hussain is violent at time and need immediate medical administration to control is anxiety. Treatment is expensive and so is the medicine unaffordable. Daily medicine is must to control his mental agnoy. They reside in a slum at bandra, hussain once had tried to sexually attempt on a neighbor, who was senior citizen. Due to this incident Mohd hussain family was humiliated and wanted to abandoned hussain to mental rehabilitation centre in thane mental hospital, they were asked to move from the locality to avoid such situation. But our NGO took the stock of the situation and immediately admitted Hussain in psychiatric ward at JJ hospital for 1 month under the care of Dr. Machiswala a renowned Psychiatrist. His treatment is still continued at JJ hospital and provided psychiatric medicine and he is stable now. As you know that mental imbalance can be control by medicine and Mr. Hussain is provided free medicine from 2010/2011/2012.Hussain is sound and stable and lives with their same neighbor’s happily.

Neha Inamdar

Provided full Year school Fees, books and Unifrom

Provided full Year school Fees, books and Unifrom June 2010/2011 to Ms. Neha Inamdar IXth student from Durello Convent High School at Bandra (mumbai). Neha was abandoned by her father as soon as she was born for the reason a girl child. She was taken care by her mother, who is uneducated and work on daily wages as a masque. Our NGO supported them in all aspect.


Assisted Medical Support to Mrs. Kamrunissa

Assisted Medical Support to Mrs. Kamrunissa: 25 years old and have 3year old baby, she was severely affected by TB and was dependent on her parents for all her need and medical expenses. Her parents reside in a slum near bandra station and are very poor to bare her medical expenses. They approach our NGO through some reliable sources. We assisted her to Gurunank hospital under the supervision of Dr. Prabhu Desai, She was advice admission in hospital and several test of sputum, after her test was conducted, she was diagnosed with lungs Tuberculosis. People suffering from TB takes long to recover, patient are advice for a long time medication. Kamrunissa is under recovery and assisted by us.

Kiran Amboju

Educational assistant was offered to Mr. Kiran Amboju

Educational assistant was offered to Mr.Kiran Amboju 20 years old, he helps his father in washing cars in the morning and later attends his college. He completed his 12th STD in Andhara School at Matunga and wanted to study further. Kiran and his father approach our NGO for educational help. Our NGO personally met the Principal of Watukmal Colleges of Engineering at Worli Mumbai, there after he was admitted in Instrumental Engineering in merit on the ground of humanitarian in July 2011 and he is presently passed now in( 2nd year of I. Eng).

Alloysis Rozario

Emergency assistance was provided to 15 years old Alloysis Rozario

Emergency assistance was provided to 15 years old Alloysis Rozario for brain tumor (cyctic lesion),he was directed support for operation at K.E.M hospital. His father was an electrician by profession an earns on daily wages. Our NGO assisted medically ill Alloyssis and was admitted him at K.E.M hospital for immediate tumor surgery on dated: 22nd December 2011.He is stable and sound.