Varsha Bind

Medical Assistance to Varsha Bind for for her heart surgery

2 Years Old Varsha Bind was detected (transitional), large OPASD + deft in ml + small inlet VSD-ICR. Dr.D.V.Kulkarni Professor& Head Unit at K.E.M hospital advised surgery for heart correction. Our NGO is medically assisting and supporting her family, she requires pacemaker worth Rs. 1, 98,000 for her heart surgery. Her parents falls under poverty line.

Devansh Ukarde

Medical Assistance to Devansh Ukarde for Brain Tumor (medulloblastoma)

6 year old Devansh suffering from Brain Tumor (medulloblastoma). Basically he lives in Indore city and moved to Mumbai with his parents for his treatment. He was admitted at Tata Hospital and was treated at Kharghar, under the treatment of Dr. Jalal and Dr. Goel. His treatment is undergoing for Chemotherapy at Tata Memorial hospital. He will be requiring few more Chemotherapy as per the Doctors Instruction.

Netra Pawar

Emergency Medical Assistance was provided to Mrs. Netra Pawar

Emergency Medical Assistance was provided to Mrs. Netra Pawar for maternity on 24th April to 2nd May 2012. Netra Pawar hails from Alibaugh (beyond urban), she was under 8 months pregnancy, she was diagnosed with gynecology complication and was shifted to Mumbai for emergency treatment . It was unfortunate that, she lost her baby during her journey traveling through ambulance from her home town (Alibaugh) to Mumbai. She was admitted for further treatment at Sir, JJ. Hospital (Mumbai) under the observation of Dr.Rekha Davar. (H.O.D) Gynecology Her economic condition also state under poverty line. Our NGO supported her medically and monetary. She is under our counseling for depression. She is observed fine and stable.

Ram a street child

Accommodated 2 years old Ram a street child

Accommodated 2 years old Ram a street child to Manav Seva Sangh (Sion) a day care centre. Ram nadar Swami a very active and intelligent child use to sit on her mother’s lap outside the gate of Don Bosco High School (matunga) for begging. Our NGO convinced his mother Sabina Nadar in admitting Ram to Day centre by paying his every month fees of Rs.600, until she was provided a job as a helper through our NGO in a society. She drew the salary of Rs.2700/- per month. Today both Mother and Son live a respected life and have discontinued street begging.


Sarita Amboju

Free Medicine and Doctor Consultation

Free Medicine and Doctor Consultation was provided to Mrs. Sarita Amboju for suffering from lungs Tuberculosis. Mrs. Sarita housewife reside in a slum at Koliwada and hails from Andhra Pradesh. Her husband washes few cars early in the morning and work as a driver. Her two sons are student. Whatever earning her husband could afford to get, it would go under her prescribe medicines, doing test and doctor consultation fees. Our NGO looking into the background of their economic state provided medicine/ Dr. Consultation and various TB tests for a year from July 2010 to February 2012.She was under the care of Doctor Mahale ( Physician.) and with our NGO’s throughout support have proved her medically fit.