Baby Radhika

3 years old Patient Radhika Kumari is suffering from nephrotic syndrome which causes swelling of abdomen (Parietal Edema). She was admitted in I.C.U at L.T.M.G hospital, Sion Mumbai on 2nd September 2016. Radhika was admitted thrice in ICU for current year at sion, above disease doesn’t have any assurance on curing this syndrome. Radhika’s condition was unstable, her mother approach our NGO through reliable sources, We analyzed her medical condition after noted from medical report, and suggested homeopathy treatment. Homeopathic has no side effect and we were sure that she will recover sucessfully.

We provided homeopathic medicine for treating Nephrotic Syndrome,We started her treatment on 9th September 2016,through scientist homeopath Dr. Abdequaem Chimthanawalla from Nagpur, within short span of time, she started to recover from her ill health and showed improvement. Today radhika is doing much better with her health; doctors at sion hospital are surprised to see a miracle change in her. We have provided her 2 months medicine and she is under observation

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