Using the Sun to power our home can help reduce our electricity bills and our carbon footprint. Giving us access to a renewable and clean source of energy that should take a look at how a solar power system can benefit our home.

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, throughout the year we are baked under the relentless sun. We experience more solar radiation per square kilometer on average. The Sun gives us 10,000 times the energy annually than in a year. Solar panels allow us to make the most of this incredibly large and renewable source of energy there by saving our energy and money

Rural India consists of majority of landmass in the mainland of India. Although majority of Indian population belonged to the rural India, this scenario is rapidly diminished due to the quick pace with which the cities are being developed and also the ones that are being formed. Rural India development is hampered to some extent. We would benefit a lot from the solar panel installation and its usage there on.

There are a variety of devices that take inputs of power from solar panels. These include solar flashlights, solar fans, etc. It is a sea of day to day applications that need to be explored. Some examples are as follows:

Building Integrated photovoltaic

This is a concept of replacement of the commonly used materials for buildings. Instead of roofs, facades and skylights which provide the envelope to the buildings, an idea is proposed to replace them with solar panels so that the entire surface area of a building can be put to use in order to harness the power of the sun. This concept is rapidly being exercised to be put to use in the practical environment and also considered as one of the fastest growth sector witnessed by the photovoltaic industry. The advantage of this concept is that the cost of raw materials that are used for building can be reduced to a great extent and at the same time, more profit could be generated from the electricity production via solar panels to our country.


With the invention of LEDs (light emitting diodes) lighting, our home can now have optimal lighting with minimal power consumption. These small, electronic light or set of lights can be connected through a battery-charged system that is powered by sunlight through the day and batteries through the night. When the sun is available, the battery charger charges the backup battery and runs the lighting. Then at night, the batteries kick in and supply the lighting while the sun is not visible. Adoption of Solar will help in making Go Green Globalization

The Financial Benefits of solar panel

Solar power systems have financial benefits that materialize over time. There are initial start-up and set-up costs of a home solar power system. But it’s worth looking at the upfront expenditure as an investment, as there are many ongoing benefits to us in making up for the initial cost.

As we create our own energy, we use less from the grid and save our power bills. Solar panels has a way of protecting our household against future price increases of electricity produced by more traditional energy sources (coal, oil and gas). As a provider of our own electricity from a renewable source, we can reduce our household’s dependence on fossil fuels and energy providers.

In the long term, solar panels can be a real point and potentially value to our home.

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