About - HWARF

Our NGO Humanitarian Welfare and Research Foundation is a nongovernmental organization with the non-profitable interest. It was founded in the year 2010 with the keen interest in serving the underprivileged society. We have dedicatedly served the neediest and less fortune in all the circumstance where humanity demanded. Our primary motto is to provide all medical facilities, which is unaffordable for the poverty-stricken individuals and their family. Preparing for Surgeries and distributing medicines for post-surgery to such people. Our Counselling Experts help the patient with psychological disorder and mentally support them in facing the upcoming crisis. Our NGO has been drawing Awareness on Health & Hygiene, Environment, Basic Needs and other Social Concern, we have also been supporting Destitute, Under Privileged and Medically Ill Patients from all over India. This Noble work is magnificently planned and conducted by our NGO’s Core Committee Team and is well appreciated by Government Officials, City Service Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies and the Judicial System. With this encouragement we are able to carry out this Good Work.

The project aim of solving the problems hidden by the fact that medical aid people are vulnerable. Yet by the very nature of their situation they are included among those as classified and disadvantaged among poor medical people. We have beenproviding Medication, Education, Counseling, Monetary Support and Immediate Humanitarian Assistance etc.

Humanitarian Welfare and Research Foundation has done many research and have analyzed that medical is very essential issue. We have also analyzed that people migrating from different state for advance treatment in Mumbai have not been able to successfully complete their treatment as far as it is concern on cost of hospital bills, medical test and medicines for lifelong diseases. Many of them borrow money from money lender or mortgage their self-belonging for their treatment, but unfortunately the treatment remains incomplete. Due to lengthy process of treatment, which fail them to return back to their hometown fearing unable to pay their debt. The easy way, they adopt in street begging to take care of their livelihood and deliver some money through Money-Order to their family members.

The basic experience through our NGO is that medical assistance is required for everyone. As we believe and want everyone to really understand the need of Medical Assistance is the most important factor with each person suffering from different kind of illness. We must make a chain of hands to support for the multiple humanitarian causes by delivering our primary responsibility.

Our keen Interest is to carry out work on malnutrition, medical aid, Educational Institution, encouraging sports various medical camp, distribution of food, medicines and general administration. Our organization is committed towards the importance of medical aid. We believe in strive to uphold the rights and dignity of Women and Childs development.

We look forward in institutional development and seek assistance to welcome and initiate in supporting vulnerable people. Also looking into the facts of disadvantage people fight poverty; ignorance and diseases such as cancer, tumor, immunisable diseases and HIV AIDS should have a foundation under one roof.

Due to increasing death of people as a result of HIV AIDS, CANCER, TUMOR, ETC. so many children are left orphans. Looking into the unfortunate situation our organization support these children in education and counsel them. Counselling help them to choose a Right career, thus bring confidence to face the society and to draw an inspiration to other vulnerable children’s.

We have qualified technical person in our foundation those are from different field and presently working along with our foundation for a Noble Cause. Our team includes Doctors, Engineers, Businessman’s, Institution Directors, Students, Housewives, Fitness Experts, and Film Fraternity/ Celebrities from Music World.

We welcome you to join and make a chain of helping hands for a noble cause.

About Us

HWARF is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with non-profitable interests. The NGO was founded with the aim to serve the underprivileged and make their lives better. We have directly served the needy and less fortunate in a multitude of areas and have touched over 2 crore 40 thousand lives.

Office Address

Humanitarian Welfare And Research Foundation
16, Ground Floor, Dosti Neptune, C.H.S.,
A/141, Dosti Estates, Wadala (East)
Mumbai, Maharashtra (INDIA) Pincode - 400 037