Home Minister Ram Shankar Shinde & composer Yashwant Deo came for Mangeshotsav .

In memory of Late Padmashree Poet Mangesh Padgaonkar, Humanitaraian Welfare and Research Foundation (HWARF) organizes musical night on Thursday, 10th March 2016. This day is also birth anniversary of Late Poet Mangeshji.

Dilip Mahashabde an approved A Grade Singer & Composer of Air and Doordarshan shall perform during the concert.


The Ultimate Cycle Ride 2016

At HWARF, one of our goals is to make Mumbai a safer, healthier, and fairer place for Womens and Girls. Our highly effective charities have a proven track record of empowering women and girls from some of the world’s poorest communities.

To continue with our events, HWARF Organized cycle ride on drawing attention on Safety & Security for girls and womens. We have been conducting “The Ultimate Cycle Ride” from more than 5 years successfully focusing attention on various important issues raised by our society. We have also encouraged to draw attention on crucial social mechanisms on Violence against women. Primarily, personal safety has become an issue of importance for everyone, but especially for girls and women we see a lot of gap. Our Aim is to encourage the advancement of security for girls and women in all fields.