RSP and Give way to Ambulance Services

RSP and Give way to Ambulance Services

16th December 2015

Mumbai Traffic Police & Mumbai Police, Poisar Gym Khana Borivali,Humanitarian Welfare and Research Foundation and BVG Bharat Vikas Group ltd participated og RSP (Road Safety Petrol) on 15th & December 2015 at Poisar Gym Khana Borivali between 7am to 11am.

1700 children’s from Dahisar to Bandra Schools participated in the RSP Parade competition for republic Every year the programme is conducted and it has motivated the children in participating in the large interest of safety drive “Road Safety Petrol”

The Best Parade will be awarded Trophy 1st 2nd and 3rd

The programme was conducted by Mumbai Traffic Police and Mumbai Police,supported by Poisar Gym khana Borivali (W)

Medical Emergency was taken care by BVG Bharat Vikas Groups by providing Doctors and Fully loaded ambulances for the dehydrated children at the the time of parade.

The programme was honoured in the hand of Smt.Sunita Oak,Sr.Inspector of Police Smt.Nashiker ,Sr.Inspector of Police Smt.Asmita Bhosle,Vice President Poisar GYM Khana,Kandivali,Sr.Inspector of traffic Police Trustee of Humanitarian Welfare and Research Foundation.(NGO)  Christine Swaminathan,Dr.Amol Pandit and BVG teams and high profile Police Officals from Kandivali,Borivali,Malad and Charkop