Rajashri Vasant

Our NGO Humanitarian Welfare and Research Foundation helped 57 years old Patient Rajashri Vasant Ghorpode by providing her Rituximab 500mg injection prescribe by KEM hospital Parel Mumbai

She was taking her treatment in skin department at K.E.M. Hospital, Parel – Mumbai from 12th September 2016. The consulting Doctor from KEM Hospital prescribe dose of 2 injection of Rituximab 500mg costing Rs. 64000, so that the complications can be avoided for few years.

Patient belongs from poor background and has financial stress, and can’t afford the costly injections. She approached our NGO for financial and medical assistance. We approached Shah Medical & General Stores, Byculla, for considering the injections at concessional rate. Shah Medical & General Stores provided 2 injections of Rituximab 500mg (Mfg. by Reddy) at Rs.30000/- (Thirty Thousand Only). She is currently observation and showing good signs of improvements.

Vijay Khadsekar

We received a request letter from Professor Dr.Akash Khobragade from JJ.hospital for an educational support for fees for Mr. Vijay Khadsekar.final year MBBS student, he is from poor background and his father is a tea vendor in Buldaana, his a brilliant student. Through our coordination his Fees was supported for the academic year 2016/2017. The s issued to cheque was Topiwala National Medical College Mumbai. Our NGO wishes him all the best for his future.

Simran Shiraj

7 year old Simran Shiraj, suffered burnt with boiling water which made her left foot disfigured and required immediate correction, their financial condition is poor and couldn’t afford the medical treatment/surgery. Our NGO HWARF admitted her at Sir J.J Group of Govt Hospitals. Byculla for plastic surgery of her disfigured foot under the surgeon Dr. Ashok Shah Pediatric. She is now stable.

Sanket Jadhav

30 year old, Sanket Jadhav approached our NGO for Medical Assistance and Monetary Support. He was advised for Right knee MRI from Dr. J.J. Jain MRI was conduct at Magnum Imagining Center, Sion by our NGO

Anna Pradhan

Our NGO Supported Natasha Pradhan’s daughter Anna Pradhan in getting admitted in girls Convent Boarding at Mount Mary Girls High School Bandra for 4th grade (2012-2013) and also supported for the future studies.