Ajay Tiwari – Testimonials

Ajay Tiwari – Testimonials

Patient Ajay Kumar 43 Years old was diagnosed for squamous cell carcinoma (cancer ) of throat. He was suggested 2 surgeries for the cure. He hails from Uttar Pradesh and currently reside in Virar. He approached our NGO through a organization as he was working as a cook for them. His economic condition was poor and could not afford financial burden for surgery. Our NGO supported him by giving him free cancer surgeon’s consultation where the oncologist advised surgery as the cancer was in advance stage. The surgery was perform by senior oncologist and a plastic surgeon at a Charitable hospital – LION TARACHAND BAPA Hospital Sion, with the fund raised through Govt. Of Maharashtra Chief Minister relief fund discounted by doctors under humanitarian ground. He underwent a successful Surgery and now he is living disease free.

Fatima Abdul Sheikh

Our NGO HWARF supported medically ill 70-year-old senior citizen patient Mrs. Fatima Abdul Shaikh suffering from vertigo, She is currently under medical supervision of Dr. Sameer V.Nanaware has advice prescribe medicine for 3 months, which are too expensive to spend as the patient is underprivileged and dependent on her son, who is
working as Watchman, residing in slum situated at Sangam nagar, Shaik mistry, Antophill Wadala, Mumbai -40037.

Mr.Nazem Sheikh approach our NGO HWARF for medical monetary support. Our NGO Humanitarian Welfare and Research Foundation identified the background of the patient and provided free medicines prescribe by the Dr. Sameer V.Nanaware   advice for three month.

Son Nazem Shaikh is relived and happy as we provided the medicines as directed by the doctors. We wish her speedy recovery and all the best for health.

Shakir Shaikh

Shakir Shaikh 54 years old was diagnosed with Throat Cancer in October 2016,he was advice surgery for throat surgery at Tata Hospital Mumbai, the total estimated of the surgery was Rs.75000/- he works as a waiter in small hotel, he is under poverty line, he approached our NGO through some reliable sources for medical monetary support. We organised his financial support through CM fund and his surgery was conducted and he is under observation.

Roopam Mishra

Roopam Mishra 45 years old from Muzaffarpur was diagnosed with Breast Cancer grade III , arrived in Mumbai for further treatment on 22th December 2016,she started her treatment at Tata Hospital Mumbai, after conducting the final Histopathology Report, it was identified grade III TNM right breast carcinoma, she was advice for surgery and chemotherapy stage wise. She underwent surgery on 6th January 2017 with 12 chemotherapy follows. Our NGO supported them on speedy medical treatment, counselling and moral support.

Samran Ghone

Samran Ghone 7 years old studying in std I at St.Theressa High School Bandra West was Provided with half yearly School Fees through our NGO member. Childs father is a rickshaw driver and mother is a domestic worker they have older son in STD 5th they are under poverty line.

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